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Report insurance fraud
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Report insurance fraud

Insurance fraud is a serious crimes that increases the cost of insurance. If you suspect or are aware of insurance fraud, report it!

The Fraud Unit's mission is to investigate suspected insurance fraud and crimes involving insurance in Ohio. The Fraud Unit, which is a criminal justice agency, will investigate complaints of persons suspected of fraudulently attempting to receive a benefit from an insurance company.  Should an investigation find evidence of a crime, the Fraud Unit refers the matter to the appropriate local, state, or federal prosecutor for consideration of criminal charges.

Indicators of Insurance Fraud:

File a Complaint:

The Ohio Revised Code requires every insurer to adopt an anti-fraud program and shall specify in a written plan the procedures it will follow when instances of insurance fraud or suspected insurance fraud are brought to its attention. The insurer is not required to file the plan with the department of insurance.  

If an insurer, as defined in section 3999.42 of the Ohio Revised Code has a reasonable belief that a person is perpetrating or facilitating an insurance fraud, as established by section 2913.47 of the Ohio Revised Code, or has done so, the insurer shall notify the department of insurance. The Fraud Unit only investigates complaints regarding a consumer or a provider, not insurance companies or agents.

If you have a complaint against an insurance company, please contact the Consumer Services Division. If you have a complaint against an agent, please contact the Enforcement Division. Refer all complaints to:

Ohio Department of Insurance
Fraud Unit
50 W. Town Street
Third Floor - Suite 300
Columbus, Ohio 43215