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Project WILD
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Project WILD

Emphasizes awareness, appreciation, and understanding of wildlife and natural resources.

Project WILD involves young people and wildlife, a proven formula for generating interest and participation. It is a supplementary education program emphasizing awareness, appreciation, and understanding of wildlife and natural resources. Attractive and easy to use, Project WILD is an ideal way to supplement your curriculum and fire the imagination of your students.

Project WILD teaches young people how to think about wildlife, not what to think. Students in kindergarten through twelfth grade learn basic concepts about wild animals, their needs and importance, and their relationships to people and the environment. The hands-on, diverse activities help develop problem-solving and decision making skills in determining responsible human actions.

Project WILD was developed through a joint effort of the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and the Council for Environmental Education. The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies recently became the new home for Project WILD. This transition took place in 2017 and will continue to enhance the opportunities for conservation education across the country. Project WILD is endorsed by the National Council for the Social Studies and is consistent with the recommendations of the National Science Teachers Association. The Project WILD curriculum has been aligned with Ohio's PreK-12 academic content standards in Science. You can find references to Project WILD throughout Ohio's Model Curriculum for Science.

Project WILD activity guides are available to educators free to low cost, and only when they attend a workshop. Trained volunteer facilitators conduct educator workshops around the state throughout the year. A current listing of upcoming workshops can be found at the bottom of this page. In addition, the Division of Wildlife conducts annual leadership workshops to train new facilitators.

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