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Black and white postcard showing a streetview of High Street looking south from State Street in Columbus, Ohio, 1907

Ohio History Central

An encyclopedia of Ohio's history, natural history, and prehistory.

Ohio History Central is an evolving, dynamic online encyclopedia that includes information about Ohio's natural history, prehistory, and history. Ohio History Central is perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about Ohio!

Ohio History Central was researched and written by staff at the Ohio History Connection.

Ohio Quick Facts

  1. Name: From Iroquois word meaning "great river"
  2. Statehood: On February 19, 1803 Congress passed an act stating that the citizens of Ohio had adopted a constitution in accordance with the 1802 enabling act and the said state had become one of the United States of America. The Ohio General Assembly met for the first time in Chillicothe on March 1, 1803, the date Ohioans now celebrate as Statehood Day.
  3. Capitals
    1. Chillicothe: 1803 - 1809
    2. Zanesville: 1809 - 1812
    3. Chillicothe: 1812 - 1816
    4. Columbus: 1816 - present
  4. Nickname: Buckeye State
  5. Total Population: 11,536,504 (as of 2010 census)

About Ohio History Central

Ohio History Central is maintained and was developed by the Ohio History Connection as a reference source for and about the people of Ohio. It covers topics related to the history, ancient peoples, archaeology, and natural history of Ohio through encyclopedia-style entries.

Ohio History Central should be considered as a starting point for learning about the people, places, animals, events, and culture of Ohio. Individuals interested in primary sources related to the topics introduced in Ohio History Central should visit ohiomemory.org.