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BOLD Beginning!
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BOLD Beginning!
For all people interacting with young children — whether a parent, grandparent, caretaker, teacher, or a child care program — there is valuable information for all.

BOLD Beginning! logoThe first 5 years involve some of the most miraculous moments in a child's life. The first smile, first steps, first words all catch our hearts. Children watch us intently and learn from everything they see and experience. For them, education begins at birth and those early lessons have lifelong impacts.

Brain development within the first five years of life is critical to a child's successful future. Vocabulary at 2-years-old predicts academic and behavioral performance in kindergarten; while kindergarten skills predict reading and math achievement, as well as college attendance, earnings at age 27, and likelihood of home ownership.

Clearly those first years are among the most important in a child's lifelong success. This is why we have created boldbeginning.org, to give the children in your life a BOLD Beginning!

Anyone with young children in their life can use this site to learn about the state's early childhood programs and resources, including Early Intervention, Help Me Grow, child care, and preschool. They will also find helpful information including developmental milestones, screenings, emotional wellness tips, and so much more!

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