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Out of the Courtroom, Into the Classroom
A judge and their gavel
Out of the Courtroom, Into the Classroom
The Ohio Supreme Court is on a mission to demystify the state’s judicial branch. As part of the effort, the Court has designed a multi-faceted course for high school students.

With vibrant images, clear content, and video that puts you in the room, the curriculum gives teachers compelling and informative tools to lead students toward a fuller understanding of the courts.

At the apex of the state’s court system, the Ohio Supreme Court makes decisions about important legal issues. Less understood at times is the fact that these rulings impact people’s lives each day. After all, the Supreme Court has decided whether you can be ticketed by an automated red-light camera, the rules your community can put in place to address fracking, the appropriateness of rates for electric and gas utilities, and under what circumstances a police officer can search you, your car, or your home.

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