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Apprenticeships teach high-level skills for today's workplace by combining classroom and on-the-job training.

Learn the skills you need for a rewarding career while you earn a paycheck – all without racking up student loan debt by enrolling in an ApprenticeOhio program near you!

Last year, about 65 percent of Ohio college graduates borrowed money for their education. Before even stepping foot into the workforce, the average graduate was strapped with $29,391 in student loan debt.

What if you could earn the same amount per year as a college graduate without the student loan debt that goes along with it? That's where ApprenticeOhio comes in!

Ohio is investing in apprenticeships because business is booming in Ohio and employers can't keep up with the demand for skilled workers. From manufacturing to medicine to computer technology, apprenticeships in Ohio cover a wider array of occupations than ever before.

By enrolling in an ApprenticeOhio program, you will earn while you learn.

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