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State employees
See how many people are employed by the state, search employee salaries, and review efforts to reduce the amount of paid overtime.

The State of Ohio strives to be as open and transparent as possible concerning state employee data.


This report contains a listing of each state employee, his/her agency, position title, and gross pay from the most recent pay period.

For the most current state employee salary information, see Ohio's Interactive Budget. The Interactive Budget includes search tools and payroll information by agency, year, pay period, and type of pay, starting with calendar year 2012.

For state salary information prior to 2017, see the state employee salary data archive.

Overtime reports

With State government providing a multitude of services that are needed around the clock, state agencies are challenged to find ways to be more efficient, while still protecting the health and safety of Ohioans and without interrupting the customer experience. view overtime reports how agencies are cutting back on overtime costs and if they are meeting their goals with this quarterly update.

Trend reports

Trend reports provide a monthly snapshot of state employee counts, broken down by agency and classified and exempt employees.

Pay rate tables


The State of Ohio Classification Plan contains more than 1,800 job classification specifications. A job classification system creates a distinct hierarchy within an organization based on the assigned value of each position. Ohio's Classification Plan (or Class Plan) groups jobs within a classification specification based on shared or similar duties, responsibilities and minimum qualifications.