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Judicial Votes Count
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Judicial Votes Count

Judicial Votes Count is committed to helping voters make informed choices about judicial candidates.

Have you ever skipped voting for judges on your ballot? You’re not alone.

A majority of Ohio voters say they don’t vote for judges because they don’t know enough about the candidates.

Judges make decisions that affect our lives every day and in countless ways. That’s why we should care about whom we elect to serve as judges.

Judicial Votes Count is a nonpartisan partnership committed to providing you, the Ohio voter, with everything you need to make informed choices about judicial candidates, including:

  • Why the candidate is running
  • Their legal experience
  • What judges do

Before you cast your ballot, get to know all of your judicial candidates and why Judicial Votes Count!

Judicial Votes Count is intended to be a lasting initiative beginning with the 2015 election and providing judicial candidate information for both the primary and general elections for years to come.