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Ohio Business Gateway
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Ohio Business Gateway
Save time and money by filing taxes and other transactions with the State of Ohio online.

Ohio businesses can use the Ohio Business Gateway to access various services and submit transactions and payments with many state agencies — such as:

  • Register for a vendor's license
  • File and pay sales tax and use tax
  • Register for, file and pay Commercial Activity Tax
  • File Unemployment Compensation Tax

How to get started

For tips and step-by-step instructions for logging in and getting started using the modernized Gateway, see learn how to get started and frequently asked questions.

How to get help

If you need assistance with the Gateway, call the Gateway Help Desk at 866-OHIO-GOV (866-644-6468) or put in a ticket online.

The Help Desk is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., excluding state holidays, and provides access to qualified representatives from each service partner who are authorized to assist with filing and service-related questions.

Available services and transactions

View all services and transactions available on the Gateway.

About the Gateway

The Ohio Business Gateway is a nationally-recognized, collaborative initiative of state and local government agencies and an important part of Ohio's digital government strategy. Gateway services offer Ohio's businesses a time- and money-saving online filing and payment system that helps simplify business' relationship with government agencies.

Ohio businesses can use the Gateway to access various services and submit transactions and payments with many state agencies. The Gateway also partners with local governments to enable businesses to file and pay selected Ohio municipal income taxes.

By offering a single website for electronic filing, the Gateway provides businesses with an easier means to comply with multiple regulatory requirements, and it reduces or eliminates the postage expenses, repetitious data entry, mathematical mistakes, and potential for overlooking required data that typically accompany paper-based methods. Furthermore, the Gateway directly benefits government by helping to reduce administrative costs and improve quality, lowering barriers to develop on-line applications, and providing significant exposure to the Gateway's growing number of business users.