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Remarkable Ohio
The historical marker in front of the Ohio Statehouse

Remarkable Ohio

Historical markers informs residents and visitors about significant aspects of Ohio's past.

The Ohio Historical Markers Program informs residents and visitors about significant aspects of Ohio's past. Remarkable Ohio is your passport to the exciting historical sites around the state.

The Ohio Historical Markers program began in the 1950s and encompasses over 1,600 unique markers that tell the state's history as written by its communities.

Markers are erected by local community sponsors in partnership with the Ohio History Connection and describe the people, places, things, and events of Ohio's past. Approximately 50 new markers are completed each year.

How to read a marker

In addition to the text describing the historic marker, there are also the names of individuals and organizations that sponsored the particular marker and the year the marker was erected. This information is included at the bottom of the marker. Sponsors may also choose to attach a piece of custom artwork or metal plate to the marker. These can often be found in the corners and might include portraits or emblems. The Sewah codeis also located at the bottom of each marker.


History Travelers

If you enjoy traveling Ohio's historic sites we want your help! We are currently accepting photographs relating to the places, people, and objects documented in Ohio's Historical Markers. Images should be high-quality and should reflect the content of the marker. Photographs should meet the following criteria:

  • Images of places, people and objects corresponding to the historic markers are strongly encouraged. Photographs with objectionable content or copyright restrictions will not be approved.
  • When submitting photographs of the actual markers, please limit your images to one photograph per marker per user. (You may submit more photographs of historical objects, sites or collections relating to a marker topic.)
  • We reserve the right to reject images that do not meet comply with this criteria. To submit your images, click on "Register" link on the left, underneath "Sign In". Create a username and enter in your contact information so that you will be credited for the photograph.

Obtaining Geospatial Coordinates for a Marker

Remarkable Ohio also needs your help in collecting the latitude and longitude of historical markers. Take your GPS device with you when you visit a marker and record the location. Decimal degrees (DD) are preferred over degrees, minutes, and seconds (DMS). Send your photo, along with the GPS coordinates, to info@remarkableohio.org, and we will post it to our website! There are several ways of getting the latitude and longitude of a location:

  • Download an app for your smartphone, for example, Map Coordinates for Android or GPS Location for iPhone.
  • GPS devices for cars often have the ability to display latitude and longitude of a location.
  • Many smartphone cameras have the ability to embed GPS coordinate data directly into JPEG files. You will need to make sure that your phone's WIFI is turned on and that it is set to allow applications to acquire GPS data. Also note that not all camera applications allow you to store GPS data in your photos. If your camera has this ability you can go to the Remarkable Ohio upload page and upload your photo from there.