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Job Searches FAQs
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Job Searches FAQs

Yes, all the electronic correspondence sent to job seekers comes from this email address: Human Resources <noreply@ohms.ohio.gov>

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To check the status of a job application:

  • Sign in to your profile. and click on the "My Jobpage" tab to view completed submission.
  • Check Job Status, and Submission Status, to see if there are any changes in status.
  • View Email Messages to see if email correspondence was sent. Agencies will correspond with applicants if they are selected for an interview.

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There are three ways to determine if your application was submitted.

  1. You receive an instant message that states "Thank You! Process completed. Thank you for sending us your online job submission…”
  2. You receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive an email, verify that email address in your profile is correct and that you are able to receive emails. If you have spam blockers, check your junk mail or spam folder.
  3. You will notice the position title is listed on the “My Job page” tab of your profile, under Completed Submissions. You must be signed in to your profile to view the My Jobpage tab. This tab contains a record of completed application submissions, draft submissions, and withdrawn. Submissions. Copies of job posting descriptions are included with the submission. In addition, from My Jobpage, you can view status of submissions and other job information, as well as edit or withdraw submissions.

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View opportunities locally, state-wide, or nationally by job title or keyword, or refine further by employer, skill level, education, salary, and more. Learn how to search for work on OhioMeansJobs .

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