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Driving & Transportation FAQs
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Driving & Transportation FAQs

Find the BMV location closest to you. You can also accomplish many tasks online with Ohio BMV Online Services.

You can report concerns about rest areas to the Department of Transportation.

You can report concerns about Ohio's roads to the Department of Transportation. Please give details as to location and time.

If you have noticed and/or have experienced damage to your vehicle on a state system roadway as a result of a pothole, debris on the road, etc., please contact the Department of Transportation with information about the location and incident.

You can report road hazards or concerns to the Department of Transportation.

For help with airplane registration contact the Ohio Department of Transportation Office of Aviation at (614) 387-2354.

To get your license and tags back after being caught driving without financial responsibility, you must have your insurance agent file a proof of financial responsibility form (SR-22) with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).

An SR-22/bond is a minimum-limit liability insurance policy that covers only the individual named on the policy. To file an SR-22/bond, the individual must contact an insurance company licensed to do business in Ohio, apply and pay for the policy. The insurance company will then file the SR-22/bond with the BMV. Many insurance companies file SR-22/bonds electronically, which usually process within 72 hours of receipt.

If you live in a different state or move to a different state, you must still file the SR-22/bond if it is a requirement for your Ohio suspension. The SR-22/bond must be written for the state of Ohio.

Insurance companies are required by law to report to the BMV if an SR-22/bond policy is canceled.

If an Ohio resident is temporarily located outside of Ohio, an out-of-state duplicate or renewal packet may be processed if the driver possesses an Ohio driver license and meets the following criteria:

  • Must have an Ohio address on BMV record
  • If not a citizen, must be a permanent resident and present documentation to verify valid USCIS I-551 status
  • Cannot be a CDL holder unless wanting to downgrade to a class D operator license
  • Cannot be suspended or subject to any warrant blocks
  • Cannot be incarcerated

If the license is expired less than 180 days, renewal packets may be mailed to the address listed on the provided self-addressed envelope. The packet may be sent in care of someone with an Ohio address, but the license itself must be mailed to the applicant at an out-of-state address.

When mailing the packet back to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), it must be postmarked within 180 days of the driver license expiration date.

How to Request

If your license is suspended, you can view and pay your reinstatement fees online. Learn more about reinstatement in general and payment plans. If you have any questions, contact the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).