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Driving & Transportation FAQs
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Driving & Transportation FAQs

The Ohio Department of Transportation welcomes volunteer groups to adopt a highway and help clean up litter.

If your accident happened on a state roadway under the jurisdiction of the Ohio Highway Patrol, you can request a report online. 

If it happened on a county or locally maintained roadway, please check with the law enforcement agency that filed the report. You can find contacts for your county sheriff's department or local law enforcement agency courtesy of the Ohio Attorney General's Office.

The OHGO website and mobile app provide up-to-the minute information about Ohio roadways.

Learn about disability plates and placards from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Learn about driver licenses and state IDs from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Learn about driver training from the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

The Ohio Traffic Safety Office provides motorcycle training and safety resources through its Motorcycle Ohio program.

Learn about vehicle titles and registration from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

If you have experienced vehicle or property damage due to road conditions (e.g., pothole, debris) on a state roadway or due to actions of someone working on behalf of the Ohio Department of Transportation (e.g., construction or plowing crew), please report the incident.

If the damage occurred on a county or local roadway, contact your local governmental office for details about how to report.

You can report concerns about Ohio's roads to the Department of Transportation.

Locate rest areas via an interactive map from the Ohio Department of Transportation.

You can view your unofficial driving record or request an official version via the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles’ online services.

Many of the most common tasks that used to require a trip to the local office of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles can now be done online or via BMV Express self-service kiosks in select locations. 

If you need to or prefer to visit a BMV office, use this interactive map to find the office nearest you. You can save time by getting in line online.