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Consumers FAQs
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Consumers FAQs

Unfortunately, it often can be difficult to tell whether a request for a charitable gift is legitimate. Donors need to ask a lot of questions, examine written information about the organization, and determine whether the cause is worth supporting. Check with friends and family to learn what others might know about a group’s activities. Look up the group at www.guidestar.org (free registration required) to review the organization’s 990 return with the IRS to better understand how its funds are spent.

Often the best way to approach charitable giving is to develop a charitable giving plan that allows you to identify your giving priorities in advance. Then you will have determined what types of causes and what specific organizations you want to support in advance of any solicitation. This allows you to respond that you have a giving plan but will be happy to review information to consider new organizations that might merit your charitable investments in the future.

Learn more about being a wise donor and view more FAQs about charitable giving.

To file a complaint against a real estate appraiser, complete the complaint form .

To file a complaint against a real estate agent, complete the Real Estate Complaint Form .

To file a compliant against your cable television provider, complete the Video Service Authorization Compliant Form and email it to VSA@com.state.oh.us. You may also call the Cable TV Consumer Hotline at 1-877-207-2225.

For help with your insurance policy, agent, or company, contact the Ohio Department of Insurance Office of Consumer Affairs at 800-686-1526 or by email.

The Department of Commerce Division of Financial Institutions welcomes the opportunity to assist consumers who have experienced difficulties when conducting business with Ohio state-chartered depository institutions. Their goal is to help you resolve your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. You may submit written consumer complaints against regulated institutions within the Division's jurisdiction to the Division.

Note: While the Division is interested in assisting you, please be advised that They cannot resolve contractual disputes, undocumented factual disputes between a financial institution and a customer, or disagreements about policies and procedures. They cannot act as an advocate or ombudsman on your behalf and cannot conduct detailed investigations of individual complaints.

Complaints may be sent in the form of a letter addressed to the Division or you may download and submit a completed complaint form . You may also receive a copy of the Division's complaint form by calling (866) 278-0003. COPIES of pertinent information should be included with your written complaint.

Complaints, along with COPIES of any documentation, should be sent to:

Ohio Department of Commerce
Division of Financial Institutions
77 South High Street , 21st Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6120

Or faxed to: (614) 644-1631

Upon receipt of your complaint, a letter from the Division will be sent to the financial institution, requesting a response to you within 30 days. The institution is asked to provide the Division with a copy of its response.

The Division anticipates the response from the financial institution will either resolve the matter or state why it cannot be addressed within this timeframe. If a response is not forthcoming, as requested, a reminder letter will be sent to the financial institution.

Note: The Division cannot address complaints against national banks, federal savings & loan associations, federal savings banks, or federal credit unions.

Complaints against banks with the words "National Bank" or "N.A." or against a credit card issued through a national bank such as Chase, KeyBank, National City Bank or Huntington Bank should be sent to:

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Customer Assistance Group
1301 McKinney Street, Suite 3450
Houston, TX 77010

Complaints against banks with the words "Federal Savings Bank" or "F.S.B." or against a credit card issued through a federal savings bank or savings & loan association such as Washington Mutual Bank and Ohio Savings Bank should be sent to:

Office of Thrift Supervision
Office of Consumer Programs
1700 G Street, NW
Washington, DC 20552

Complaints against credit unions with the words "Federal Credit Union" or against a credit card issued through a federal credit union should be sent to:

National Credit Union Administration
Office of External Affairs
1775 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-3428
(703) 518-6330

If you have questions regarding the procedures/policies of your financial institution, you may wish to:

  • Review loan or deposit contracts or fee schedules
  • Contact your institution for clarification
  • Contact the Department of Commerce Division of Financial Institutions' Office of Consumer Affairs by calling 1-866-278-0003 or emailing webdfi-oca@com.state.oh.us

The Division cannot provide any information as to the financial or managerial soundness of a particular institution. It also cannot provide any ratings or information discovered in the examination process.

You can file a complaint against a charitable organization or a charitable solicitation with the Ohio Attorney General's Office.

To learn more about a lien placed by the State of Ohio, contact the Attorney General's Office at (877) 607-6400.  

Once the debt is paid you'll receive a lien release in the mail and it is your responsibility to file the release with the appropriate county officials, such as the Clerk of Courts or County Recorder.

You can report suspected scams to the Ohio Attorney General.  If you have been the victim of scam and need help, use the Consumer Complaint form.

Learn more about Consumer Safety & Protection.

You can file a general consumer complaint with the Ohio Attorney General.

For other types of complaints, or complaints against a professional, see Consumer Complaints.