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Child Support FAQs
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Child Support FAQs

If you need help with your case number to create an account on the Child Support Web Portal, call (800) 686-1556.

Please call the Department of Job and Family Services Office of Child Support at (800) 686-1556.

Yes, you can pay child support with a credit card at www.e-ChildsPay.com or www.MoneyGram.com.

Provided all the required posting information is included with the payment, a payment received by Child Support Payment Central is disbursed within two working days.

Failure by an obligor, an employer, or other remitter to include the required posting information with a payment causes posting delays.

Additionally, actual receipt of a child support payment can take up to one week due to service by the U.S. Postal System. If you have direct deposit, please check on the frequency in which your financial institution posts to your account.

For more information, please contact your county Child Support Enforcement Agency .

Log in to the Child Support Customer Service Web Portal or contact your county Child Support Enforcement Agency. Find your local agency .

For help with the Child Support Web Portal, call (800) 686-1556, option 4, or see: FAQs, registration help, the portal user guide, or the portal troubleshooting guide.