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Voting & Elections
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Voting & Elections

Ohioans have equal access to one of the best elections systems in the country, with multiple ways to register and cast a ballot.

  • When is the next election?/wps/portal/gov/site/help-center/faqs/government/when-is-the-next-election
  • When is the next election?

    You can access the current elections calendar from the Ohio Secretary of State.

  • Where can I register to vote?/wps/portal/gov/site/help-center/faqs/government/where-can-i-register-to-vote
  • Where can I register to vote?

    You can register to vote or update your information via the Secretary of State’s online voter registration system. You can also contact your county board of elections.

  • Who are my Ohio legislators?/wps/portal/gov/site/help-center/faqs/government/who-are-my-ohio-legislators
  • Who are my Ohio legislators?

    You can identify your current state senator or representative via an interactive map from the Ohio Legislature.