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Sunshine behind the Ohio Statehouse


Resources and data that provides insight into how State of Ohio government operates.

Here you'll find government reporting and information about requesting public records.

  • How do I request public records?/wps/portal/gov/site/help-center/faqs/government/how-do-i-request-public-records
  • How do I request public records?

    You'll need to directly contact the holder of the records to make a request.  Most state agencies post their public records request policies on their websites.

    Learn about Ohio's Sunshine Laws.  If you have any questions, contact the Ohio Attorney General.

  • Who owns this property?/wps/portal/gov/site/help-center/faqs/government/who-owns-this-property
  • Who owns this property?

    You can search for the owners of a property on your county auditor's website. If a property is owned by the state, see state-owned real property.